Advisory: Notification for SiteLINK Users

Posted by: Al Pascale, Dydacomp eCommerce Manager

Dear SiteLINK customer:

The National Weather Service’s National Hurricane Center ( is currently forecasting that Hurricane Irene will be advancing towards the Northeast US within the next few days. SiteLINK is hosted at a professionally managed 3rd party data center who are prepared for such a situation.  Below is a message we received from the Data Center early this morning.

While the severity of its impact to our area is unknown, the data center’s Facilities and Operations teams have taken the following precautionary measures to guard against service interruptions:

  • Increased staffing levels this weekend to ensure proper coverage in the event that an emergency response is necessary
  • Completed readiness checks of emergency power systems including UPS and generation plants
  • Fuel vendors have been notified, are on standby and are ready to provide additional fuel in the event of a long term utility power disruption

Throughout the event, all systems will continue to be monitored as usual.  Additionally, the Facilities and Operations teams will be performing an increased number of inspections of building structure and all critical systems. We have also assembled an emergency management team to continually monitor and be responsive to the situation as it progresses.

Our SiteLINK team can be reached after hours by calling 973-641-0901 or during normal business hours at 973-237-0300. They can always be reached via E-mail at

 Thank you for being a valued SiteLINK and Dydacomp customer.

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