A Message from John V. Healy, Dydacomp CEO

Yesterday, I celebrated my second anniversary as CEO of Dydacomp. It has been a rewarding experience and one that I wouldn’t trade for anything. My favorite part of the job is meeting our clients and to date I am guessing I have met close to 200 in person on one of my various visits to cities across the US and the UK. The feedback I get on why clients like Mail Order Manager and SiteLINK and what could be better is the foundation of our product development and process improvement initiatives.

Also, clients are always asking me what are the best of the best doing? So I have been studying that and have found some pretty significant results. Overall, we find that the clients that are on the latest version of Mail Order Manager and SiteLINK, using all the new features in those products are actually growing in a down economy! Take a look:

M.O.M. Clients Growing in a Down Economy!

And some other numbers that I will share with you on another post also show that if you go to training and also are on Support, you grow at a higher rate than those clients that don’t participate in Support and training. This makes sense too because as business has gotten more complicated our product has become more sophisticated and you really need help in getting the most out of it.

I like to think of myself as a business peer of yours and as one, between using the new features in M.O.M. 7 and SiteLINK and the impending deadline on being PCI compliant, now is a great time to invest in the technology portion of your business to drive sales and also be compliant from a regulatory perspective.


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  1. rcoon says:

    Happy anniversary John. What’s also interesting is that new Dydacomp customers that choose Mail Order Manager for the first time today are doing so because of it’s end to end integration with Dydacomp ecommerce solutions like SiteLINK and Storefront. About 75% of new Dydacomp customers also sign up for Dydacomp ecommerce solutions for a competitive edge and to manage costs. Glad to see that they are growing thier online and mail order businesses as a result.

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