A Quick Peek at QuickBooks 2013

Posted by Ho Chin, CFO, Dydacomp

I recently had the opportunity to view the new features and functionality of QuickBooks 2013 during a recent presentation to the Finance professionals. Over 70% of our clients rely on QuickBooks for their accounting system so I thought I’d take a minute to share my thoughts on the changes. As with most updated solutions, design changes take some time to get used to them, but overall I think users will be very excited about the new look and feel of QuickBooks 2013. Overall, it’s a cleaner look and streamlines many of the time-consuming processes.

The first thing that jumps out is the new look.  It’s visually more inviting and the tasks have been grouped to provide a look and feel of Microsoft Office.   The new look and feel reminds me of a time when I migrated to the Microsoft Office 2007.  It took little effort to get used to the new look, but the QuickBooks 2013 users shouldn’t worry  because when you first launch the program, you’ll find an easy to use overlay with tips on how to use the new features.  The current version also provides additional fields allowing the users to add more detailed information.  The new transaction ribbon toolbar also makes it easier to enter and review information.

One of the new features in QuickBooks Accountant section that had the Finance professionals in the room excited is the ability to receive journal entries by email from their external clients. In addition, you can now batch enter transactions or paste and save from Excel into QuickBooks resulting in time savings. QuickBooks Enterprise Solution now even offers bin tracking for inventory management allowing inventories to be transferred between warehouses.   Overall, I found the solution offers more capabilities, more inventory functionality, and light inventory tracking.  It opens more doors for SMB merchants to manage inventory but as they receive 10+ orders per day, an order management solution is a necessity. Overall, QuickBooks 2013 is a powerful accounting solution and I’m excited about the changes that streamlines everyday processes.


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