Advanced Product Search Criteria

What if you want to seach for infomation about your products but can’t fit it into Line 1 or Line 2 of the product decripton? The description fields are 60 characters apiece, but maybe you need more space for more detail. Or maybe you need a greater degree of categorization for more precise searches during order entry. If you have these needs, and you haven’t done so already, it’s time to check out the Advanced Search Criteria.

There are two steps to setting up the Advanced Search Criteria in Mail Order Manager for product lookup during order entry.

The first step is to define which headings you will use for the different parts of the information that you want to be available in the search. These are the categoies that you define before you enter the additional product description information. This is done in the the Miscellaneous tab in the Maintain Menu; System Information: Global Parameters. As an example, a bookseller’s advanced product criteria might include: publisher, publication date, edition, and whether the book is hard or soft cover.

The second step is to enter the data that will be used in the search. This is done within the Miscellaneous tab of the product maintenance screen.

From there, you can choose in File Menu\My Preferences to first look at the standard lookup or the Advanced Lookup depending on which search is best for your initial product lookup needs. However, you can always toggle between the two.

What advanced search categories do you use at your businesses?

Stephen Miller

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