August Deals Can Boost Your eCommerce Sales

Posted by Laura Hills, VP Marketing, Dydacomp

According to Jeanette Pavini, popular MarketWatch columnist, August is a great month for deals that include and extend beyond the typical back-to-school items. [1] Today’s shoppers are armed with up-to-date information on what sales and offers are trending so they look for great prices on items such as computers and other electronics, storage systems, cleaning supplies and even last minute summer vacations during August.  While August is also a good month to buy a car, auto accessories are becoming increasingly popular gifts.  You can read about consumer guidance for purchases in August in an article by Lindsay Sakraida in DealNews entitled “The Best and Worst Things to Buy in August.”

If you offer these items, be sure your customers are aware of any deals and special offers that you may be promoting by creating targeted promotions and messaging to keep key shoppers informed.  Some states even offer tax holidays throughout August and September for the back-to-school shopping season so check whether this applies to you and be sure to let your customers know.

See the full text of Jeanette’s article for additional consumer advice that shoppers may be looking at to take advantage of the August sales and determine if you can get in on offering bargains to attract new or repeat customers.  You can also view our webinar on demand entitled Tips, Tricks and Tools You Need to Drive Business Growth in 2013.

Happy selling!

[1] August Best Buys Start with Back-to-school Clothes

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