Avoiding Unnecessary Backend Manipulation

Posted by Ryan Galicia, Mail Order Manager XL Support Supervisor

Ryan Galicia, M.O.M. XL Team Leader

A long time M.O.M. user specializing in selling automotive parts recently wrote into our support mailbox with the following question: “We have thousands of quotes in our database and we would like to be able to bulk cancel most of them (i.e.: quotes entered before 2009).  Does M.O.M. support this or will I have to do it through SQL using a stored procedure?”

While the request was simple enough, a common practice often found by the M.O.M. user community is to look for operations that can be accomplished through backend manipulation.  For the above email, I wrote back to the user explaining that a backend stored procedure is not necessary for what he was looking to accomplish and he simply needed to use the Database Purge Module’s option to Purge Quotations prior to a certain date.

M.O.M. quote purge 

The cited email was just a small example of how some of our more long time and advanced users look immediately for a backend procedure to accomplish a goal.  As seen, a lot of these cases do not require the backend manipulation that they originally think is needed. 

The Mail Order Manager system is designed as a relational database system (meaning the data within the tables are linked together) and any type of manipulation on one table can have adverse effects on other tables in the database design if not they are not updated properly.  Additionally, unsupervised backend data manipulation not conducted by Mail Order Manager Technical Support is not covered under a user’s Support contract and the technical support team will not be able to assist with any unforeseen errors that a user encounters. 

On a case by case basis, some issues do require manipulation of the backend data to reach a resolution; however, it should not be attempted or conducted without consulting M.O.M. Technical Support.  Examples of these issues can vary and range from an incorrect inventory value on a report or screen to a field containing a value so high it reaches the maximum size of that field and produces what’s called an ‘overflow’ error. 

As many of our M.O.M. users can attest to, the recent including of web based support services (available only to our Resolution Support or Business Operations Support tiers) allows a M.O.M. tech to conduct a remote session on a user’s machine and run any necessary backend modifications to a client’s system.  This is the proper procedure to follow when backend data modifications need to be made as a technician will cover all necessary areas and tables to make sure the data that has been modified reports corrected in the front-end of M.O.M.

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