Backup M.O.M. or Else

Posted by: Ryan Galicia, Dydacomp M.O.M. XL Team LeaderRyan Galicia, M.O.M. XL Team Leader

What is the most valuable tip technical support reps share with Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M) users?  Create a backup of M.O.M. daily. One would be surprised at how many support issues could be easily resolved if Dydacomp clients had simply made a backup of their system before their computer crashed. Creating a backup will prevent any problems from arising due to an unforeseeable event, such a crash, hard drive failure, or data corruption, etc. If any of those things occur and your files are backed up, you can easily restore those files and continue with business.

No matter how you look at it, data loss is a horrible outcome for any business and could result in detrimental financial losses. Human error accounts for 30% of all  data losses, hardware malfunctions in general represent 42% of the vanishing data, 13% is due to software corruption, and 7% is due to those dreaded viruses that always seem to hit your computer at the worst possible time. The truth is 31% of instances where the loss of data occurs CANNOT be controlled or predicted. No matter how careful you are with your M.O.M. system, there are issues are beyond a person’s control.

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Wouldn’t you rather take the few minutes to backup your data before you leave at night, then risk losing everything when your computer decides to crash for no apparent reason. Instead of becoming a victim prepare yourself with an easy solution.  Some clients have told me that they only backup their M.O.M. systems once a month, although this is better than never backing up, you will still not be able to recover any data from the time between the last backup and the crash.  A daily backup is the best solution.

Save yourself the time and frustration that will result in the loss of data for your business, by making a daily backup of your system. You NEVER know what can happen; it is always better to be over prepared then under.

For steps on how to create a backup for your M.O.M. system please check out this blog written by Art Vivino, Technical Support Supervisor.

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