Best Practices: Address Correction

It seems that the cost of doing business is forever increasing. Retailers are feeling the pain most acutely in rising printing, postage and shipping costs – the staples of marketing.

Any retailer who has sought to promote their products and services via direct mail knows the arduous process: determining a budget, creating a promotional piece, selecting recipients, totaling the cost of printing and postage, estimating return on investment. When the returns for invalid addresses start pouring in, each piece has a cost attached to it and the realization of the dollars spent on mail pieces that will never be seen can be dizzying.

These costs can climb even higher when we’re talking about shipping product. Address correction fees for packages sent to undeliverable addresses can run to $15 per piece, leaving you with the choices of absorbing the cost or charging the customer – neither of which is what anyone would call a happy resolution.

The Address Correction and Validation module (ACVM) for M.O.M. allows you to compare key-entered and imported shipping and mailing addresses against actual USPS® data that is updated 6 times annually, reducing carrier imposed penalties and protecting your bottom line. The ACVM service can be used not only on individual addresses but to validate lists created in the List Management Module (LMM).

With ACVM you can:

  • Standardize Addresses for Quicker Parcel and Mail Delivery
    by Using USPS® Approved Abbreviations and Spellings
  • Add & Correct Zip+4 Information
  • Reduce Carrier Imposed Address Correction Charges
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Ensure Deliverability of Important Mail Such as Invoices,
    Statements and Renewal Notices
  • Shrink Postage and Promotion Piece or Catalog Waste
    Attributed to Bad Addresses
  • Maintain Vanity Addresses
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Returns and “Bad Will” Resulting From
    Inaccurate Data Entry and Incorrect Shipping Addresses
  • Perform Address Matching and Delivery Point Validation (DPV) Updated 6X Each Year
  • Use LMM Integration to Correct and Standardize Addresses for Mailing Campaigns
  • For more information, visit To learn more about the benefits of ACVM contact us today at
    (800) 858-3666, option 3 or email us at

    One of our Solution Specialists will be happy to answer all your questions and even generate a shipping cost savings estimate using your live shipping statistics. Be sure to ask about reduced fees for multiple year subscriptions! Or, if you currently maintain a M.O.M. support contract, you can order online today at

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