Best Practices: Search Engine Optimization

As more and more business is being conducted online, retailers are looking to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve organic search ranking and drive more traffic to their sites.

On the most basic level, as the search engines spider sites, they seek out the density of keywords and relevant content to determine the site’s position in search listings, making it essential that retailers use all the tools at their disposal to make their sites keyword rich and therefore more visible to search engines and consumers alike.

Our newest release, SiteLINK eCommerce 6.0, offers you essential tools to not only conduct online business easily and seamlessly, but to improve your search engine ranking.

• URL Rewrite – URLs for product and department pages are named based upon the product and department titles themselves, making those pages keyword rich and feeding relevant content to search engine spiders

• Dynamic H1 Tags – When products are added to pages, tags within the code flag product identifiers as the most important piece of information on the page.

• XML Sitemaps – SiteLINK offers 1 click sitemap generation using the software protocol common to Google®, Yahoo® and Microsoft®, streamlining search engine submission to make it faster, easier and more effective

• Fully Editable Meta Tags – Meta tags are another excellent source of relevant content and keywords for SEO. SiteLINK features fully editable meta tag descriptions and keywords for every product and department

• Customizable Page Titles – Every department and product page can be customized to reflect page content and utilize keywords

• Alt and Title Tags – Two of the most important tools for improving search engine ranking, SiteLINK allows you to create alt and title tags for every image and link pulled from stock and department information. These tags allow search engines to determine the content of the images and present an important opportunity to incorporate brand/company names and keywords

Our SiteLINK staff is available to answer questions about how to use these and other tools to help drive more customers to your site. They can be reached by email at or by phone at (973) 237-0300, option 2.

Not using SiteLINK? SiteLINK is the only 100% customizable eCommerce solution tailor-made for and completely integrated with M.O.M..For a complete list of SiteLINK’s features and benefits visit To schedule an online demo, contact your solution specialist at (800) 858-3666.

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2 Responses to “Best Practices: Search Engine Optimization”

  1. pinkcherrydotcom says:

    The upgrade to SiteLink 6 was a success and has already proven to get us more organic clicks. Add to that the ratings and reviews module we opted for and we have seen a higher conversion as well.

    Thanks Dydacomp,

    Nathaniel Freedman

  2. smiller says:

    These are great SEO tips for clients who want to enhance their natural search engine exposure. The SiteLINK functionality items listed can make a big difference in website sales by attracting more targeted traffic for better conversion rates.

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