Book Sales Jump 51% in December According to Dydacomp’s SMB Index

Posted by Fred Lizza, CEO, Dydacomp

Dydacomp’s SMB Index for December has just been published in Internet Retailer. Our Index provides an indication of how small to mid-sized eCommerce companies, representing more than 15 industry verticals, perform each month.  The data accounts for more than 1.7 million orders that our Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) and SiteLINK eCommerce clients receive each month, resulting in more than $200 million in combined monthly retail sales.

Below are the key takeaways from our December report:

  • Dydacomp customers sold more than $300 million dollars in goods in December for the first time ever, processing over 2.4 million orders.
  • There was an 8.0% monthly increase in year over year (Y/Y) same store sales in December 2012. The growth was driven by an almost 10% increase in the average order size.  This growth is a decline in the Y/Y growth rate from November, reflecting an early surge in holiday shopping that slowed in December as consumers were impacted by domestic political uncertainty and economic news.
  • Growth leaders for the full year 2012 are consistent with prior month’s statistics, with books and sporting goods categories leading the way.
    • The growth in the books category seems to have been driven by growing interest in purchasing printed material online.  This category includes many special interest categories, such as religious publications, that are relatively new to online selling and therefore are in the rapid growth phase of development.
    • The growth in sporting goods categories peaked during the warm weather seasons as one would expect, but again is fueled by growth in specialized products that are not readily available on the more commodity sites like Amazon.
    • The nearly 50% year over year growth in December sales for the books category continued the very strong performance by this segment all year long.
    • Higher-priced categories such as jewelry and home furnishings continued to decline in both gross sales and number of transactions.  We attribute much of this weakness to fundamental economic conditions in the US.
    • The average order size increased by almost 10% in December vs. the prior year’s December, and the average order size for 2012 increased almost 5% to slightly more than $130/order.  This increase could be indicative of the return of some pricing power, and resultant price increases, to the market.

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