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As we move closer to the heart of the retail season, it’s always interesting to revisit timeworn thoughts such as what is the busiest shopping day of the year. We often think that this day is ‘Black Friday,’ the Friday after Thanksgiving. Reading an urban legends site such as Snopes.com one discovers that at least in terms of dollars spent, Black Friday is certainly busy, but doesn’t generate as much revenue as the two weekends prior to Christmas.

When it comes to Ecommerce, you might be aware of ‘Cyber Monday.’ The Monday after Thanksgiving, as described in Multichannel Merchant Magazine, is the day when the greatest traffic to a web store will be seen. Their article posted on their website on November 6, 2006, goes on to describe that a web store’s greatest traffic will occur on the following Monday.

The article, goes onto describe some actions that can be taken specifically by direct marketers, such as ‘personalized e-mail campaigns’ which can be created and sent from the List Management Module of the Mail Order Manager system.

As I’ve described, this feature of M.O.M. has sometimes been overlooked, and it’s understandable how the demands of the holiday months might not allow time to perform this function. But as the November printed issue of Multichannel Merchant describes in a different article, it’s a lot less expensive to wake up old customers than to get new ones. But that’s a posting for another time.

For now, using the tools that already exist in Mail Order Manager, to build and e-mail lists based on customer orders, recency, etc. can be accomplished with a little effort. Writing the letter in an HTML editor and pasting it into the customer notices function is a great way to get in front of a customer with a good looking marketing effort.

Stephen Miller
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