Catch-All Stock Items

During an earlier post I mentioned how different functional tests might be carried out in Mail Order Manager or in the trial version of the software. Today I want to share a number of different stock items that we use internally to perform a function in order entry, or order processing that’s not directly related to selling products.

These stock items are what I’ll loosely refer to as ‘catchall stock items,’ or items that work to perform a specific function that might not necessarily be product related.

For instance, we have a stock item that’s named A-OTHER. If we’re shipping a back up to a client, have to get something to a vendor, we use this stock item. Then we’ll write the details about the item to be shipped in the Custom Information field on the Line Item Detail tab within an order. We might note that we’re returning a backup, for instance. The stock item does have a default weight, but it is often changed to reflect what is being shipped. We also use a stock number of R-DISK, to denote an item damaged in transit. (With the Internet update feature in M.O.M., this sku is little used.)

Such a catchall stock item can also be set up as a ‘service’ item, so that it doesn’t print onto packing slips, and only prints onto invoices. This can be useful in showing clients that there is a miscellaneous credit or some promotion that that they have been provided. Another option is to set up the catchall item ‘Product Exempt From Invoicing.’ This item will appear on the order, but no paperwork will be generated. So you can place information on an order that will be immediately identifiable, and even affect an order with a credit or a refund, but it won’t be seen by the client.

Your creativity, or necessity, is the only limit to what kinds of catchall stock items that you can invent. What kinds of catchalls have created and do you use in your business?

Stephen Miller

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