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Posted by Michael Nardini, VP of Client Satisfaction

Michael Nardini, VP of Client SatisfactionIn Tech Support, one of the most important things we do is make sure that you,  as the client calling in with an issue, are comfortable with the problem’s resolution before we end the call.  Once you are satisfied  with the resolution, we will send you a confirmation that the ticket is closed with details of the problem and its resolution for your records along with a survey to fill out.  We’ve been getting a lot of surveys back lately and I thought I would share the upward trend of the responses.

If you remember last year, we had you call us and you frequently experienced long hold times.  Sometimes we weren’t able to get to your call in time and you had to hang up.  Many of you got through but we didn’t have the ability to handle issues that were important to you in a satisfactory amount of time.  More than 50% of you were unhappy with this scenario which is why we built out the ticketing system further and allowed all of you to have your issue reported immediately and routed to the best equipped agent.  We’ve been shuffling the Support team around and know that response times are better.  All survey responses are read by me personally,  so many of you have received comments and questions from me to learn more  about your experience.  I look forward to your continued feedback  to help to further improve our process until customer satisfaction reaches 100%!

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