Conquering Email Marketing

Posted by: Lisa Gittleman, Dydacomp Marketing SpecialistLisa Gittleman, Dydacomp Marketing Specialist

There are many challenges to email marketing today. Social platforms have opened up a new way for consumers to access information rather than checking emails.  People are also now able to check their email from their cell phones, tablet devices, and more. You have to provide content that will trigger an action or your email can quickly end up in the trash. There is an overload on the number of emails that are delivered to each consumer daily. I know my inbox can grow to over 30 different companies sending me promotional emails a day. Getting the email to the customer is the first step, engaging the customer to take action as a result of the email is harder than ever.

What we recommend:

1. If you have found that your target audience has moved into the realm of social media, use this to your advantage. Find where you audience is located and offer them content (similar to that you would share in emails) and encourage them to interact and share it with others. Link your social media presences to your emails and use these sites to gather new customer emails.

2. Make sure you have clear guidelines concerning customer permissions when it comes to emailing. You must:

  • Get consent to email the consumer. If a customer does not opt in to your email, DO NOT EMAIL THEM.
  • Allow them to choose how often to receive the emails to prevent unsubscribes due to email overloads from your business. Check out this blog a for other reasons people click unsubscribe.
  • Easy sign up with no hidden agendas are essential to gain customers trust.
  • Allow subscribers confirm their subscription to your emails; this will verify the customer information and ensure they are the ones who asked to receive the emails.
  • Customer needs the option to stop receiving the emails at anytime

3.   Accurately target and segment the email lists to ensure that you have a complete understanding of your market. Proper targeting will enable you to create email programs that are specific to each group and thus ensure they receive relevant content. Not all email responders are equal and inaccurate email campaigns will result in unsubscribes which will influence consumer trust in your company.

4.   Track your email: studying the click through, open rates, and other information will help you learn and adjust your email marketing campaigns to better fit your targeted audience. This will also help you learn what to include in emails that will engage them. Try experimenting with different trigger emails to see what you can offer customers that will entice them to act on the email. Don’t forget to listen to feedback from customers: this includes questions, complaints comments, and advice that will help you improve their experiences.

Do you have any recommendations to add to our conquering email marketing list? Share your experience by commenting below.

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