Coordinated Implementation

Posted by Paul Mendelsohn, Dydacomp Director of Implementation & Professional Services

Paul Mendelsohn, Dydacomp Director of Implementation

Recently I was working with a new client who sells a product that shields credit and debit cards and passports from being read by wireless RFID Readers.  The client needed to put up a SiteLINK Store and Mail Order Manager back end quickly to handle the high demand for his product he anticipated would follow an upcoming interview scheduled on a national news program and a product placement in a major motion picture.   

The Dydacomp Implementation department not only worked directly with the client to set-up and implement his M.O.M. system, but also coordinated with other departments to ensure that his entire system was up and ready to fill the upcoming orders.  The SiteLINK team was able to create his SiteLINK Store the same day he purchased M.O.M. and SiteLINK.  They set him up with FTP access so he could easily modify the pages of his site and transferred his domain and installed his SSL shortly thereafter. 

Dydacomp Payment Processing took the client through the Credit Card Gateway application, acquisition and setup to ensure that once M.O.M. and SiteLINK were fully implemented he could receive payments.  From start to finish, the client’s implementation, including his SiteLINK eCommerce store, Gateway account, M.O.M. setup and training, was completed in just two weeks.

Because his M.O.M. system and SiteLINK eCommerce store were up and running so quickly, the client was able to publish his entire store, complete with product information, testimonial pages and YouTube video of the news interview to make the most of this great opportunity.

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  1. Mike Chichester says:

    Great post, Paul. I remember hustling to help set customer up quickly. I love how all departments were able to work together quickly to accomodate this customer. That is typical of the teamwork you find here at Dydacomp.

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