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Posted by Hector Feliz, Dydacomp Implementation Specialist

Hector Feliz, Dydacomp Implementation SpecialistLast week I was helping a home-based business that recently purchased the Mail Order Manager software along with our SiteLINK eCommerce cart.  They sell environmentally friendly therapeutic wraps and tasked me to create a better flow for applying discounts and processing orders.  They had a stand-alone website which was capturing orders, but they also attend many trade shows and capture those orders on plain paper.  With orders coming in from multiple channels without any centralized means to manage the orders, fulfillment would take some time.  They also needed a means to easily offer special pricing and/or discounts to both new and existing customers.

Having purchased SiteLINK along with M.O.M., the client immediately centralized their order processing and gained a set of marketing tools they did not have before.   For example, I showed them how to make effective use of the order promotions tool in M.O.M. to offer their customers incentive discounts.

By setting up a source key; which is the offer code the customer can enter in their SiteLINK store, the order promotion results in the appropriate discount being applied to the customer’s order when checking out.

The special situation pricing also allowed the client to easily accommodate pricing for distributors who are selling their products.  Within product maintenance in the ‘Pricing’ tab the client could set what unit price (or applicable discount) any customer with a Type Code 1 value of ‘P’ received.  In this case customers with a Type Code of ‘P’ were distributors.   The special situation price also allowed them to easily set a clearance price for slow moving or discontinued products.

The client eliminated paper-based order tracking, simplified their fulfillment process by shaving it down to mere minutes, gained customizable reporting tools that allowed them to get a clear picture of how their business is performing, as well as build out new marketing tools that gives them the access to target their customers and communicate with them personally and efficiently.  Having implemented M.O.M. and SiteLINK as a complete order management system and integrated shopping cart, the client was happy with the features and functionality as well as how we were able to work with them and get the system up and running within weeks of their purchase.

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