Customer Spotlight: E. Burnham Cosmetics

Posted by: Molly Griffin, Marketing Associate

For over 30 years, Illinois based  E. Burnham Cosmetics has provided a full line of retinol skincare products to actively defend against the signs of aging. Retinol Ultra Skin Care Creme is nutrient rich and formulated to moisturize while it softens and hydrates the skin. As a family owned business, now managed by the Founder’s daughter; in the extremely competitive health and beauty industry, they pride themselves on providing health and beauty solutions with outstanding customer care.

One of the decisions they made early on in an effort to provide the best service to their customers was to provide their products to customers on custom shipping intervals.  Their products are automatically shipped on schedules designed by the customer to ensure they have all their beauty products deliver fresh, right when they need them. Their products are available only by mail and their longstanding continuity program has made them a leader in the subscription space inside and outside the health and beauty vertical.  In fact, their custom “of the month” programs rival in tenure popular programs from Columbia House Records and Book-of-the-Month clubs.

E. Burnham Cosmetic’s customized continuity offering to its customers has been managed by Dydacomp’s Multichannel Order Manager Solution since 2008.  In 2010 the company also migrated to Dydacomp’s SiteLINK ecommerce platform to better integrate their online program offerings to customers with their back office operations.

“The M.O.M. solution has definitely improved both our customer service and the profitability of our business. We have access to key business information that enables us to be more nimble and responsive to our customers while ensuring adequate inventory and overall growth of our business.” stated, E. Burnham  Cosmetics President, Nancy Kittle.

Nancy is a valued member of the Dydacomp’s Advisory board and is interested in connecting with other M.O.M. clients actively utilizing M.O.M. for club memberships. If you are interested in joining Nancy to discuss, develop, and assist in the improvement M.O.M.’s club membership program, please email me at to join the continuity committee.


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