Customize Forms to Improve Your Order Management

Posted by: Bill Houghton, Implementation Engineer

One popular new enhancement added to Multichannel Order Manager version 8 enables merchants to customize order management and order processing by constructing custom forms. These custom forms help your business to design your own invoice or packing slip the way you want it to ensure you are able to include all the information relevant to your specific customers.

This new feature allows you to easily add logo’s to a form eliminating the need for pre-printing the form.  Add text to a form or change the font of a form.  If you’re handy with code changes, you can add things to a form that may not be available in a prepared invoice or packing slip such as adding a special field or calculation that may not be readily available.

The Report Controls Toolbar  enables Multichannel Order users to Add/Edit information on custom invoices and forms including:

  • Font – Color/Style/Size
  • Labels
  • Fields
  • Lines
  • Rectangles
  • Rounded Rectangles
  • Picture/OLE Bound Control

Don’t miss out on this exciting feature along with  other important new features that can be found in Multichannel Order Manager v8.  In the latest version, we’re also giving you the keys to drive your business with V8 by including powerful features such as an open API to integrate with any ecommerce platform, advanced fraud prevention tools, the ability to increase revenue by connecting to new business channels, and much more! Click here for more information on Multichannel Order Manager v8.

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2 Responses to “Customize Forms to Improve Your Order Management”

  1. castrasser says:

    Is there a way to drop in a custom .prg? My client wants to show all tracking numbers for the various boxes that the items are packaged in. I’d like to create something that executes in the same way that INV_PAYMENTS() does, only for each detail item in invdata.

  2. Please call our Sales Department for details at 800 858 3666.

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