Do you have a need for a Multi-Currency Module in Mail Order Manager?

With the holiday season well underway, businesses are knee deep in new customers, orders, exchanges, and gift wrap. While the majority of Mail Order Manager users are within the United States, we do have a contingent of M.O.M. clients hailing from the United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and other countries. M.O.M. was originally designed with the US dollar as the primary currency, however, with e-commerce growing every year and customers coming from around the globe, we feel it may be the right time to develop a module to handle foreign currency.

As with previous modules, input from our customers is an important part of development. Whether or not you use Mail Order Manager as the backbone to your business, chances are you have, at one time or another, shopped online. Maybe the item you are looking for is only sold in a foreign country. If you really want that item you would either have to pay for that item in the foreign currency and when the order is charged the amount is processed with the current exchange rate. Another option is to change which type of currency the website displays, view the price in your own currency and decide whether to order the item or not.

Our question to you is: from a business standpoint, which options would you like?

Options under consideration include:

• Another field within the M.O.M. import file to designate the type of currency
• One flag to determine whether or not you want to convert the order total
• A new menu to designate which currencies to allow for import and one currency to be set as default.
• The ability to specify the exchange rate.
• Additional reports to show changes to exchange rates, transactions processed with foreign currencies, exchange rate used, original currency and the currency it was exchanged to.
• The ability to change currencies, view current exchange rates and have the prices refresh dynamically on your ecommerce site.

We at Dydacomp value your input and consider it an essential part of our product development process. We welcome comments on this and any other blog entry. You are also invited to submit suggestions via email at or on the Dydacomp forum at To access the forum you will need an active support contract and your license number. If your contract has expired, call 1-800-858-3666 to renew.

Finally we would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving. While Dydacomp is usually closed during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we will have limited sales and support staff in the office on Friday, November 24 to take calls, e-mails, and faxes. The hours of operation on Black Friday will be from 9:30AM to 4PM EST. Support can be reached by phone at 973-237-0300, via e-mail at, and via fax at 973-237-9039. Sales can be reached via phone at 1-800-858-3666, via e-mail at and via fax at 973-237-9043.


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