Does your mail order business qualify for the United States Postal Service MVRP? What is it?

MVRP stands for Minimum Volume Reduction Provision. This new postal provision goes into effect on May 14th. It allows some flexibility with businesses that want to participate in an alternative Mailing Manifest System (MMS), but do not always meet the required 50 pounds or 200 pieces per manifest. There are three options in which your business can qualify for. The first option allows to you combine mailings from multiple distribution sites to meet the required the minimum volume standards (50 pounds or 200 pieces). Once you are authorized, you will be able to use this option for two years, renewable every two years.

The second option allows you to average the mailings from a single distribution as long as they meet the required minimums. This is calculated by taking the total volume of all mailings in a Postal Quarter and dividing it by the total number of mailings from the same period. Again this option lasts for two years and can be renewed every two years. The third option allows a business to build up its mail volume to meet the minimum requirements within a designated time period. This “ramp? up period lasts six months and a 90 day extension may be granted if necessary.

How do I apply for the MVRP? You will need to fill out and sign a standard MVRP application (MAC Gold application). Send the completed application to the MAC Department, the address will be specified in the application. Once the application is reviewed and signed off, it will be forwarded over to the district. Then a representative from the district will conduct a review and issue an authorization letter allowing the mailer to use the MAC Gold MMS System.

One of the requirements is to have software certified under the Manifest Analysis and Certification Program. You do not have to look any further than Mail Order Manager, a leader in order processing, fulfillment, and shipment solution.

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