Don’t Forget to Backup SiteLINK too!

Posted by: Daniel Cirasuolo,  SiteLINK eCommerce Support Specialist

The Dydacomp team is always reminding customers about the importance of backing up your Multichannel Order Manager system and hopefully customers have taken our advice to back up their M.O.M on a daily basis. Backing up your M.O.M. system is a crucial step to help ensure the integrity of your data, but many people don’t realize the importance of backing up your web design pages for your SiteLINK eCommerce store. This back up helps ensure that if you make changes to the design of your web store, you will always have a copy of the original to restore if issues arise.

The SiteLINK eCommerce team here at Dydacomp have received a number of calls because clients have forgotten to save their website (.asp) pages before making adjustments and lost custom work and other designs. Failure to back up your SiteLINK eCommerce pages can result in the loss of your custom work that could hurt the functionally of your website. It is important for SiteLINK clients to save their .asp pages before making any changes to your SiteLINK store to ensure you have a back up copy to restore if you accidently change specifics of your site.

I recommend that clients make a copy of any  SiteLINK eCommerce .ASP page they are going to be editing.  Copy and paste the .ASP file to an area on your computer that you will be able to access if needed.  I usually recommend to SiteLINK clients that they should create a new folder called BACKUP within their FTP site, and copy and paste any .ASP files they make changes to. This will help prevent the loss of your web design in the future.


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