Driving Traffic to Your E-commerce Site

Posted by Christopher Lang, SiteLINK Supervisor, Dydacomp Technical Support

The other day I was having a conversation with a client that sells clothing online and in retail locations. Because of the industry they have different sales all the time and are constantly sending out e-mails to their customers with various promotions and sale items to try and drive sales to their e-commerce store. Their biggest pet peeve, however, was that they had no way to track which sales were coming to their site based on the marketing e-mails sent out. Therefore, they had to find a way to determine how much money they should budget for their upcoming sales quarter for more e-mail marketing.

The client was already on our latest version of SiteLINK so I showed him our new e-mail campaign feature. This feature generates a link that you can put into your e-mail blasts that when clicked, automatically adds a specific source key to the customer’s order applying the order promotion without them having to do extra work. Even better, it allows you to have a direct link to the product listed in the e-mail blast!

Email Campaign Link

Needless to say, the very next concern from the client was, “Well that’s great and all, but then I can’t track any of this source key information unless I’m in my office sitting in from of my Mail Order Manager workstation.” I was then able to explain to him that this is one of the reporting features built in to the online admin interface on SiteLINK so he can run these e-mail campaign reports from anywhere he has internet access.

Email Campaign Report

Now the client is sending out even more e-mail campaigns each month and can correctly determine how many customers and how many orders were driven to the site for each and every campaign and they’re saving time and money because they took the guesswork out of the equation!

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4 Responses to “Driving Traffic to Your E-commerce Site”

  1. mrjvhealy says:

    Thanks Chris… this sounds SiteLINK Support came up with an easy way for the client to implement and also something that will help grow their business as well…

  2. camodio says:

    Good topic. I think this is a powerful tool that is underutilized.

  3. rcoon says:

    Nice post Chris. Helping Mail Order Manager and SiteLINK ecommerce users drive more business to thier online stores is critical to thier long term success. Love to see more on email marketing for SiteLINK ecommerce and M.O.M.

  4. alpascale says:

    This feature can also be used to generate a link for affiliates. The affiliate can then place that link on their site sending potential leads to the SiteLINK store and automatically assign the affiliate’s unique source key to that order.

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