Dydacomp Clients Post Record Sales Growth in June 2010

Posted by John Healy, CEO of Dydacomp

John Healy, Dydacomp CEO“Same store” sales for Dydacomp clients combined grew almost 5% year-over-year in June 2010, bringing the year to date growth rate up to 2% compared to the same time period last year.  In fact, almost 50% of the year to date growth came in the month of June alone.  Here are the results for selected verticals that affected the results:

Although not in the graph, the more interesting stat was that average order size was up almost 5% in June and drove all of the growth because number of orders was basically flat.  So merchant efforts to sell more per visit to their website or call to their contact center is working very well.

Major verticals that had a tough year in 2009 are beginning to see some positive momentum in June, specifically Auto Parts, Toys, Tools and Jewelry.  The Book Sales vertical as well as Food/Health and Sporting Goods are all surprisingly strong in June as well.

This is all good news in a not-so-good news market.  Also, we are recently seeing new license sales for Mail Order Manager up significantly from the past several months.  In fact, July is starting out to be one our best months of the year which is leading us to believe that merchants are in fact spending for products that are easy to implement, save them time and money and help them sell more like Multichannel Order Manager and SiteLINK solutions do.  The U.S. Department of Commerce will issue their report on retail sales shortly and we expect there to be good news based on the information above.  One in a row does not make a streak, so let’s see how July does as well.

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