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Posted by Larry Barber, Senior Technician, StoreFront Support
Larry Barber, StoreFront Support

Recently I was working with a client that sells high performance leather protective gear around the country using inside customer service reps as well as resellers. He was telling me about how many times he has found his web pages had Javascript added to them advertising his competition.

Although their webhost was willing to make changes, it was quickly clear they did not understand security practices such as removing FrontPage Extensions for a site and how to password protect files. I was able to help the client understand the security practices StoreFront Support has in place for all our hosted sites and that constantly removing code from their web pages at their old host would eventually lead to bigger StoreFront Support problems down the road.

I was able to convince the client that not only moving to StoreFront’s hosted solution was the right choice, but that upgrading the site to our latest version would greatly enhance their search engine rankings as well as provide an overall better experience with the enhanced functionality that is provided within the latest version. They are also no longer unwittingly advertising their competition. I found this to be a very rewarding experience. Helping our clients understand and grow their business is key in growing our business relationships as well.


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  1. mrjvhealy says:

    Larry this is a great example of how Storefront Support has changed and not only do you fix a client’s problem you give them ideas on how to better run their business… thanks for sharing…

  2. eric says:

    That certainly emphasizes the value of choosing a host that is familiar with the technology you’re using on your site. I’m glad to see you were able to help them out of a bad situation.

  3. MikeC says:

    Great blog post, Larry! Very informative and eye-opening for me.

  4. daylecrane says:

    Way to help the customer Larry!

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