Dydacomp News: SMB Merchants Increasingly a Target of Fraud

Posted By: Dydacomp Staff

Fraud protection and increased security measures are more important than ever in today’s busy eCommerce marketplace. Even eCommerce giants, like Zappos, can fall victim to a security breach which often come at a high expense and can have a negative effect on brand image. Protect your business from security breaches and fraudulent transactions by taking important proactive measures to prevent issues from arising.

Dydacomp CEO Fred Lizza recently wrote an article for Retail Online Integration  offering a number of valuable tips for small and medium-sized business on how to avoid fraudulent orders and ensure the integrity of their eCommerce businesses.

“It’s estimated that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) lose upwards of $66,000 annually through fraud. An increased awareness of fraud among large merchants has forced fraudsters — those individuals who perpetrate crimes against retailers — to switch their attention to small businesses that provide an easier target because of the lack of safeguards they have in place….”

Click here to continue reading the full and learn how to prevent fraudulent orders from hurting your business.

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