Dydacomp Technical Support Customer Satisfaction on the Rise

Posted by: Michael Nardini, VP of Customer Satisfaction

As part of a continued effort to improve our customer satisfaction and the quality of the technical support we provide, we have been conducting a support survey to gather feedback. We received a number of helpful responses and wanted to take a minute to thank all clients who participated in the survey.

One important task for a Dydacomp Support representative is closing a ticket in a timely fashion. According to the survey 67% of clients saw a ticket resolution time of under an hour. 87% of the tickets opened were resolved in less than three hours.

Our Dydacomp Support team works hard to resolve your issues and we pride ourselves on the ability to answer and solve any issues our client’s have running their businesses on M.O.M. We work hard to train our staff and keep them up to date on all of the ins and outs of M.O.M. This training has proven effective as 99% of the customers surveyed felt that our support techs were knowledgeable and competent and handled their issues with courtesy and professionalism. To build off this statistic, 93% of the customers surveyed rated their experience with Dydacomp technical support representative in the very Satisfied to Extremely Satisfied range.


Some other positive feedback  included:
“Outstanding! No waiting, no call backs. Well done. Thank you.”

Steve Deters, JDS Marketing



“I’m very pleased with everyone I’ve worked with in Technical Support.“

Christy Parsons, EHorse Equipment

“Thank you for your speedy response and resolving the issue. I am very satisfied and appreciate your assistance. Two of your technician contacted me and both Jackie and Ken are very courteous and knowledgeable. ”

Eriko Fong, Lion Coffee   



“Your response time has improved a million percent; Thank you! Dennis is very  knowledgeable, it is a pleasure to work with him. He is very patient.”

Jamil Abunassar, Jad Business Services, Inc.

We appreciate the positive feedback and are continuing to work to give all Dydacomp customers the best customer service experience possible. We know how important your business is and we strive to help you keep it running efficiently.


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