Dydacomp Update from CEO Fred Lizza

Posted by: Molly Griffin, Marketing Associate

To help our clients gain a better understanding of the important  changes  initiated  by Dydacomp over the past several months, CEO Fred Lizza released a brief update to M.O.M. users  this week.

Happy New Year, M.O.M. and SiteLINK customers! As we kick off 2012, I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the changes we have made to improve processes as well as what new developments you can expect from the company in the year ahead.

To begin with, we have heard your concerns and frustrations as well as requests for product and service enhancements and have made it a priority to deliver improvements across the board. I learned a lot from speaking personally to many of you as I traveled around for the M.O.M.  8 seminar series, and we have also started increasing the frequency of customer advisory board meetings.  Let me begin by addressing customer support.

Since mid-2011, we have:

  • Increased support staff by 10 percent
  • Added a “customer service” layer to inbound support, designed to address more issues on the first call
  • Shifted answering of support calls during normal business hours back to our NJ-based support center
  • Implemented new escalation procedures that elevate emergency issues to our most senior support staff in real time
  • Introduced new internal monitoring tools and metrics

In the short term, this has resulted in over 30 percent of all inbound support issues being resolved in real time, with hold times averaging less than two minutes. This is a good start, with more progress to come, and we will continue to look for your feedback and implement new processes to improve support in the coming year.

2011 was also a significant turning point from a product perspective. We made a significant strategic shift by deciding to open the M.O.M. product.  The initial effort resulted in the release of M.O.M. Version 8 and its new API.  The response to it has been overwhelmingly positive. And we have made related improvements in our published release schedule for M.O.M. Version 8. We have a very full 2012 M.O.M. delivery schedule planned, featuring twice-monthly bug fix releases with documentation of each fix, quarterly M.O.M. enhancement releases and monthly releases to the API.

2012 will be an exciting year for SiteLINK eCommerce customers also, as we begin the year with the launch of SiteLINK 7, creating end-to-end compliance for merchants on PCI-certified versions of M.O.M. and adding a new template enabling the creation of mobile storefronts. We continue to establish new partnerships to help you grow your businesses, and we’re investing in new technologies for the longer term future.

Finally, I wanted to say thank you to all of you – our loyal Dydacomp customers who have helped to prioritize these changes and improvements and identify the highest-impact innovations and advancements in our solutions. Much of what you will see in M.O.M. and SiteLINK eCommerce in 2012 is a direct result of listening to what our customers want in their order management and eCommerce solutions. I am looking forward to working more closely with all of you in 2012 on the exciting developments to come. Here’s to a successful 2012!


Fred Lizza

Dydacomp CEO”

We look forward to an exciting 2012 and hope that we continue to provide M.O.M. users the tools  needed to compete to today’s competitive multichannel marketplaces.  Have you noticed any positive changes from Dydacomp recently? Let us know by commenting below!

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