Enabling Fraud Monitoring Tools

Posted by Art Vivino, Technical Support Supervisor

Many Dydacomp customers enter a fairly large number of orders per day and using tools to catch fraud is something everyone wishes they could do more efficiently.  There may be times when orders manually entered are not carefully scrutinized and more importantly, orders imported that need to be checked by an automatic system so that they can be flagged for a manager to determine if certain potential fraudulent parameters or restrictions are met.

An effective way to monitor fraud today would be to use the Manager’s Authorization checkpoints in conjunction with the Dashboard feature within the User’s Profile of Managers and Owners.

In Global Parameters / Order Processing Design there is a check box to enable the Manager’s Authorization settings.  These settings will prevent an order from processing unless a user with Manager’s Authorization allows the order to be released.

There are a number of different settings you can use to restrict the order from proceeding unless it is approved by a user with Manager’s Authorization rights.

For example, I set a trigger to force Mail Order Manager (M.O.M.) to place an order on ‘review’ if the total dollar amount for the order exceeds $100.00.

After adding all the info required, the order will go into ‘review’ status.

To review and release this order, there is an icon to the left of the order status field.

Once you click the icon, another screen will appear requiring the input of the Manager’s user id and password.

Once the manager signs in, there will be another screen showing why the order is on review.

There may be more than one reason why the order is set to review.

A Manager should also have the ‘Manager’s Dashboard’ enabled in order to view all orders that are currently on review. To enable this, go to the user’s ID under:

Check the box next to “Enable Manager’s Dashboard”

On the Dashboard tab, select ‘Orders’ and then check the box below.

Log out and back into MOM.

In the main menu, there will be an icon to view the Dashboard.

When you select this icon, any order on review will display.

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