Enhancements Added to SiteLINK 7

Posted by: Al Pascale, Manager of eCommerce

We released the latest SiteLINK eCommerce v7 a little over a month ago and introduced a number of exciting new features to help you improve your online store.  Building off this momentum, last week we released our first SiteLINK dot release (v7.0.1) that added a number enhancements to improve the functionality of your SiteLINK eCommerce store. These enhancements focused on ensuring your online site has all the functionality needed to produce an enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.

Some of the enhancements include:

  • The “View Additional Images” feature on the product details page displays images in a Facebook-like image gallery.
  • The AddThis social networking ribbon has now been optimized to include a “Pin It” button, supporting the ability to “Pin” a product image on Pinterest.
  • Merchants no longer have to edit their country database or request custom work to restrict countries that they ship and sell to. Instead, they can use a new admin controlled feature to easily select those countries, allowing them to target foreign markets or omit certain countries where there are high levels of fraud.
  • The mobile template has been updated to ensure that it is compatible with shoppers visiting your site from a Kindle Fire.
  • A UK-specific template is now available and has been optimized to include UK pricing, VAT, counties and language localisation.

We plan on releasing an incremental update to SiteLINK in the coming months with the focus on backend-oriented enhancements. Stay tuned for more details.

To upgrade to SiteLINK 7, please contact sales at 800-858 3666 or by email at sales@dydacomp.com.

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