First Data Update for M.O.M.

Posted By: Michael Nardini, VP of Customer Satisfaction Michael Nardini, VP of Client Satisfaction

Our programmers here at Dydacomp have been working to implement the security and connectivity enhancements that First Data has recently released for their payment Gateway that was custom built for the Multichannel Order Manager system. First Data is one of the payment processing gateways utilized by M.O.M. and SiteLINK eCommerce users here at Dydacomp.

The new update will increase the functionality of the payment processing gateway on Windows 7 and will have a more secure connection. This more secure connection will prevent dropped card authorizations. However, this issue was not due to the connection between M.O.M. and First Data, as it mostly occurred on workstations running Windows 7.

Our team here at Dydacomp is currently finalizing the beta testing and the updates are set to release early next week.  We will be sending out an email to inform users when the release is available for download, so keep an eye out in your inbox for this announcement.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dydacomp Technical Support.  The support team is available Monday – Thursday 9 AM – 6:45 PM EST and Friday 9 AM – 4:45 PM EST.  You can also contact support via the online ticketing system by clicking here.

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