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Posted by Michael Chichester, Dydacomp Payment Processing Team Leader

Michael Chichester, Dydacomp Payment ProcessingI was talking with the owner of a very successful sporting goods company the other day.  This company has been using Mail Order Manager for over 15 years – they are running M.O.M. Version 7i with 34 workstations, use SiteLINK for e commerce, and still produce a yearly catalog.  But success wasn’t always the case for this company – they had some lean times.  In fact, this guy was telling me they once went an entire month without an order.  Not 1 order.  So, I asked him how did he turn it around?  I was very curious how they went from a 1 person operation running part-time out of Mom and Dad’s basement to where they are now – a $2 million dollar a  year company with over 40 full time employees.

“It’s all about finding a competitive advantage.”

Those words struck me.  So simple, yet so profound.  So how do you find a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace? How about having your company’s own unique logo in a customer’s pocketbook or wallet?  Even better, how about having your company’s logo in a POTENTIAL NEW CUSTOMER’s pocketbook or wallet?

Welcome to the wonderful world of gift cards.

In M.O.M. 7, we now have the ability to allow you to sell gift cards.  And you can customize your cards!  Did you know:

  • 65% of those given a gift card last season say they typically spend more than the value of the card? (Source: Consumer Reports Holiday Shopping Poll, October 2009)
  • In the 2008 holiday season, gift card sales added up to $25 billion (Source:  ValuTech)
  • Over 50% of all shoppers purchase gift cards (Source:

Here’s a link to a webinar we recently completed on the upcoming Gift Card release.

So, if you are looking for that next big competitive advantage, look no further than gift cards.

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