Get the Most from Product Descriptions

Posted by: Al Pascale, Dydacomp eCommerce Manager

As a small eCommerce business it can often be difficult to get consumers to find and purchase your products. One way to help increase product visibility and increase online conversions is to carefully construct product descriptions.  Time and time again I have seen businesses fail to capitalize on this feature and simply rely on the manufactures product description on their website.  These descriptions are already located on hundreds or even thousands of other sites and offer little to no SEO value for your Ecommerce store.

The best option for ecommerce product descriptions is for store owners to create an original description that includes:

  1. A physical description with attention to specific features. Take time to research what product characteristics will be most appealing to consumers and create your product description around these features.
  2. Emphasize product benefits and the experience consumers should expect to have with the product. Give consumers ideas on how the item can fit into their lifestyle or home, but do not simply tell them, dramatize it by showing consumers how your product will improve upon his/her current situation.
  3. Create perceived value of the product and continually expand on it. When writing your product description, remember to write for your intended audience and what value they would find in your product.
  4. Make sure you set your product apart from competitors. The product description is a great chance for you to separate your product from all other similar products.
  5. For search engines, you will want to make sure your product descriptions include your targeted keywords.  If you are a reseller of brand names, you can use the brand name recognition, so use the brand as a keyword or as a tag to enhance your product description and SEO. The goal is to carefully add those important keywords but not to write your description for search engines, you need to write them for customers. Use your keyword in the page title, product description, in Meta tags, and also in the ALT tag, which is the optional description you include in the HTML code where you insert the product image.

Your product descriptions can help search engines and consumers find your online store and products. For these reasons, you should take time to make sure you are getting the most out of your product descriptions. Don’t forget to proofread for grammar and spelling, as any mistakes can hurt your professional image in the eyes of consumers.



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