Grow Sales Through Shopping Channel Marketing

By Laura Hills, VP of Marketing, Dydacomp

In the connected and digital world that we live in, consumers are inundated with information and opinions.  They have more choices than ever before.  They are more independent, looking to find information for themselves and then voicing their likes and dislikes through social networks. They’re smarter and more aware of the choices they make when they buy.  Just watch a tech savvy shopper in a store these days. If they’re buying electronics or other merchandise over $50, you’ll likely see them pull out their smartphone, scan the barcode, and quickly find the lowest price available (both online and in stores).

In order to effectively compete in this environment, it’s advisable to syndicate your products to multiple shopping channels, including Amazon, Google Shopping, Nextag, Shopzilla and more.  Shopping channels actually deliver more qualified traffic than traditional search engine Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or organic methods. This makes sense because a consumer searching for the lowest price on a product most likely has the intent to purchase it. But if a consumer is doing an Internet search and clicks on a PPC ad, they are more likely doing research.

When you submit your products to a shopping channel, you are dramatically increasing the audience that you reach. Shopping channel feeds are also similar to the PPC model – you are only paying for traffic generated to your site. You can also control your daily or monthly budget  It’s a powerful way to build brand awareness and drive qualified traffic to your site.

If you would like to learn more about shopping channel marketing, click here to view the on-demand webinar Using Shopping Channels to Drive Business Growth.

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