Growing Pains – Successfully Getting Your Online Business to Thrive

Posted by: Fred Lizza, CEO

We see it often.  Someone with a great product idea that does well on a local level through a retail storefront or operating through a seasonal outlet, such as a craft fair, decides it’s time to grow.  And with U.S. web retail sales expected to reach $262 billion this year and $370 billion by 2017, getting your products online looks like the best strategy for growth.  But how do you manage all of the additional elements involved in going from a local to national or even global multichannel sales approach?

In her June Accidental Entrepreneur column, Wall Street Journal Editor Sarah E. Needleman, describes many of the common pitfalls that retailers face when trying to grow their business.  Inventory management, physical space, shipping concerns, providing enticing product descriptions, realistic product pictures/videos and meeting increased customer demands are some of the challenges that retailers need to consider when planning to expand through online sales.  Needleman includes actual examples and advice from retailers who have experienced and survived the growing pains that can be applied to a variety of businesses.

An order management system can help retailers manage the flow of items to better control response time, manage inventory allocation and create a quick and seamless process for order fulfillment to have a sufficient quantity of products on hand to meet your customers’ expectations. Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) from Dydacomp is the leading integrated PCI compliant order, inventory and customer management software built for multichannel retail, fulfillment and distribution businesses. With over a million online shoppers daily and nearly ten million in gross merchandise sales every day, M.O.M. has earned a strong reputation in the industry.  To start a free trial of M.O.M. click here.

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