Holiday Preparation

Posted by Al Pascale, Manager of eCommerce Services and Michael Nardini, VP of Customer Satisfaction of Dydacomp

With the Thanksgiving holiday this week, we wanted to share some changes and procedures we’ve put in place to provide extended support to ensure a smooth weekend and make sure you’re prepared for a successful Cyber Monday.  Our offices will be closed tomorrow, 11/25, for Thanksgiving, as mentioned in earlier emails, but we will be open on Friday. On Friday we will have a bit more than a skeleton crew with about ½ the Support staff coming in between the hours of 10-4 EST to help with any issues relating to your system being down or other high priority issues.  Since we’re going to be running with a short staff, some of the basic or “how do I” non-critical issues may not be addressed same day on Friday but all critical  issues (system down or site down) will be answered.

In addition to the available staff during the day on Friday, there will be also be separate representatives available to handle the 24/7 emergency SiteLINK phone and, if you’re utilizing our Platinum Support benefits, you will have the ability to call in 24/7 for a M.O.M. system down issue all weekend.

If you’re a SiteLINK client, besides the Support reps that will be responding to your needs, we’ve also taken a few pro-active measures to ensure better quality SiteLINK performance.  We have done a number of things including purchasing additional RAM, upgrading all of the servers as well as doing re-index routines on each of the databases to clean up any potential issues for data slowing down your web store. We have also upgraded our redundant network connection to our data center to ensure a quicker fail-over if the need arises. This is important because if our main network line goes down or speed degradation occurs while running on our redundant connection you will see no downtime.

In addition to the hardware and network upgrades, we have improved our monitoring system to more frequently ping each site, which will automatically reset a slow/unresponsive site to get you back up and running then send an automated message to the SiteLINK team for further research.

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