How to Find a Pending Refund/Return

Posted By: Rocio Smid, Dydacomp Technical Support Team Leader

One common issue people have contacted me to resolve is how to find a pending return in  Multichannel Order Manager.  M.O.M. allows you to easily keep track of returns however; sometimes it can be tricky to locate pending refunds.

The first  thing  to keep in mind when trying to locate a pending return/refund in Multichannel Order Manager is  whether or not the return was invoiced. One common mistake people make when processing a return in M.O.M. occurs after the return is processed and the RT (return code) is received in the status box. Most people think they have completed the return and simply save the order. This process would look like the screenshot below.

However, you have only partially completed the return. You MUST print an invoice of the return  before you return the money to customer or else the order will be difficult to track and find again. This can be done by selecting the quick print option and you will notice that there is now a B located in the Inv. box below indicating that the order has been invoiced.

To track how much of a refund you owe to the customer, first go to the Accounting drop down menu, followed by Accounts Receivable and select the Open Order Status Option. Select the Refund Required choice in the Available Status window and you will see the return that you just process and it will let you know how much you have to refund the customer.

You will not be able to track a pending return through the steps above if you do not invoice the return. Don’t panic though as there is a way for you to find returns that you have not invoiced. The first step is to go to the Orders drop down and select the List of Status Pending option to help you find a list of the returns that were not properly invoiced.  Once in the List of Status Pending window, select to display Orders and include the Ready To Invoice option and find all orders. Once this report has been compiled, print it out as it will be a good reference point.

Return to the List of Status Pending window, but  this time select to display Line Items, and then to include the Product Return option to get all returned orders. Print out this list and compare it to the Orders Ready to Invoice you just printed.

If an order appears on both reports, then it is an order that was not properly invoiced, but still requires a refund.  You can now use the order number to go back and correctly invoice  the orders to provide your customer with the proper refund.  If you follow these steps correctly, you should not have trouble finding pending returns, even if you forget to properly invoice them.

Did this process help you find pending returns more easily or do you have any other suggestions? Let us know by commenting below.

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