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Posted by: Michael Nardini, VP of Customer Satisfaction

How to Get in Contact with the Right People here at DydacompMichael Nardini, VP of Client Satisfaction

Our goal is to make sure you remain informed on how you can best get in contact with our staff here at Dydacomp. Check out the important reference points below:

Multichannel Order Manager and SiteLINK eCommerce  Support

The first step in getting in contact with M.O.M. and SiteLINK support would be to fill out a support ticket online and we would ensure that the accurate technical support representative contacts you to resolve your issue. To contact Multichannel Order Manager support by phone call (973)237-0300 and SiteLINK support by pressing 2 after connecting.


New customers looking to contact sales to find out information about purchasing M.O.M. for the first time call (800) 858-3666 and press 4 after connecting. Existing customers looking to contact sales for upgrade information or any other need call (800) 858-3666 and press 3 after connecting. You can also email Dydacomp Sales at

Billing Information

For Billing inquiries, please contact your sales representative at (800) 858-3666.

East Coast Sales Representative: Greg Sheridan EXT. 250

West Coast and Canada Sales Representative: Bob Aurebach EXT.243

Central U.S. Sales Representative: Chris Pelletier EXT.254

Payment Processing

For help with setting up your own Payment Processing (Merchant Account or Gateway), please contact one of our Payment processing specialists at (800) 858-3666 EXT.729 or email

Michael Chichester is the payment processing expert here at Dydacomp that will help you make the best decision to save you money in your overall fees.

Custom work

If you decided that you wish to add custom features to  your SiteLINK store, please email or contact Joe Fantozzi at  (800) 858-3666 ext 245. If you are looking for Multichannel Order Manager custom work, email or contact Paul Mendelsohn at (800) 858-3666 extension 730.

Software forms

To order integrated forms, envelops, labels, and other materials for your business  to work in Multichannel Order Manager contact Software Forms at or visit the Software Forms Plus website.

Implementation Assistance

To get information for a first time install or SiteLINK site setup please contact the implementation department at or call (800) 858-3666 extension 730. This will allow your project manager or Implementation engineer to follow up with your inquiry.


If you have any issues, please feel free to contact me at (800) 858-3666 ext 235 or email me at or comment below!

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