How to Get your Support Issue Resolved Faster

Posted by: Rocio Smid, Dydacomp Technical Support Team Leader

Do you know that the most effective way to get a support issue resolved by a Dydacomp technical support representative is to log your Support ticket on our online system? This will help us handle and track your issue more efficiently and effectively than if you email a Support rep directly or even email the support mailbox.

This online ticketing system was created to help our Support representatives respond to your issues in a more organized manner. Support reps are required to handle tickets assigned to them through the boarding system making the ticketing system the most effective way to report your issue.

By following our Support ticket protocol, not only are you helping our Support reps here at Dydacomp answer and respond to tickets faster, you will also benefit.

1. Our Support reps here are people too (I know, we all like to think they’re superheroes).  By following the ticketing procedure, you will avoid the lag time that occurs when you directly email a Support technician who is out for the day or is devoting time to another client issue (such as a system down). This will ensure that your issue is dealt with as soon as possible and is not sitting in an individual inbox waiting for an answer or in the support box.  When you email the support box, you increase your wait time as a support rep has to take the time to copy the issue and paste it into the online ticketing system before it can even be assigned to a rep.

2. Our Support department is organized and staff is assigned based on his/her skills and expertise. Therefore, when you enter a ticket online, Support management has immediate visibility and can assign it to the appropriate resource. This helps us make sure your issue is given to the right expert the first time around; if you email a specific representative they might not be the best person to handle that particular issue which can result in a longer wait time for resolution.

If you need some guidance on how to use the online ticketing system, check out this webinar Chris Lang hosted explaining how to use it.

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