How to Tell if Your Company is Gaining Momentum

Posted by Laura Hills, VP, Marketing, Dydacomp

In an article written by Kaihan Krippendorff for Fast Company, Dydacomp CEO, Fred Lizza shares his insight into how to read the signs that a company is gaining momentum.  The article, How To Get A Handle On When Your Company Is Gaining Momentum, focuses on Fred’s personal experience and discusses how Fred identified Dydacomp as a growing company before he joined the team. Kaihan ties this idea back to an anecdote about teaching his daughter to ice skate, as he likes to give his articles a personal touch.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Fred Lizza knows how to read the signs. He’s been the CEO of five fast-growing technology companies–Infinium, Idiom, Avotus Corporation, Optiant, and now Dydacomp, a cropped-dyda-logo.jpgsoftware firm that helps small to mid-sized companies automate their fulfillment and direct marketing processes. When Fred joined Dydacomp 24 months ago, the company was in transition. Today, their solutions help small businesses serve more than one million online shoppers per day, linking their orders with more than $4 billion of inventory and submitting over $8 million in daily invoices.

When new investors asked Fred to step in as CEO, Fred saw that Dydacomp was on the path. Here are the signs he read:

1. Dydacomp was at an inflection point, but not in need of dire turn-around. “I don’t like financial turnarounds,” Fred told me.
2. Small and medium-sized businesses comprise more than 50% of consumer sales in the United States and nearly 50% of these are closed using online channels. Both of these factors should grow.
3. The people who run the online businesses are getting more sophisticated. As large retailers shrink, they shake off “reluctant entrepreneurs,” seasoned executives who realize they are better off starting their own enterprises. They are used to having access to sophisticated inventory management systems integrated with sales and marketing systems–exactly what Dydacomp delivers.

These three factors gave Fred the confidence to believe that Dydacomp had an opportunity, in his words, to be “the leader of the middle space.”

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