Identifying a Customer Report/Invoice Error

Posted by Ryan Galicia, Mail Order Manager XL Support Supervisor

A Mail Order Manager customer recently called into Dydacomp Support very upset that after upgrading from M.O.M. Version 5.4 to M.O.M. Version 7i they were encountering the following error when attempting to print their invoices.

M.O.M. Version 7 message

The owner of the company felt very frustrated because without being able to print proper invoices, their business was at a standstill.

Upon reviewing the error they were encountering, I noticed many keywords that stuck out to me and helped identify the problem. Because a specific report file name beginning with the letter ‘D’ is being referenced in the error message, I was able to identify that the error was due to a custom report (see reference 1). Additionally, reading the error text itself, I noticed that the variable being referenced, ‘DESC’, is a field that existed in M.O.M. 5.4 but the name was changed from Version 6.x and up to accommodate program flexibility between our different Visual FoxPro and SQL back-ends (see reference 2).

I brought this to the attention of the company’s outside IT consultant and he was unaware they had implemented a custom invoice at some point in the company’s history. Reviewing our own logged sales history for this license, we found no record that this custom invoice was purchased through Dydacomp services.

Although Dydacomp does not work with custom programming not developed by us, I understood the critical situation they were in and knew that the coding needed to correct their custom invoice was fairly simple to correct for a knowledgeable Visual FoxPro programmer. I requested their custom invoice files and provided them to one of our programmers for review, explaining to the consultant that Dydacomp Support could not guarantee a definite fix could be made but we would attempt it. Our programmer was able to successfully make the changes needed to their files for their invoice to print without error and align properly.

Understanding that we went a little outside our normal Dydacomp Support guidelines to troubleshoot and correct programming not developed by Dydacomp to make their upgrade a success, both the IT consultant and owner were very happy with the extra effort we provided to get them past the initial difficulty they experienced in what is normally a virtually seamless routine.

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  1. Mike Chichester says:

    Great work, Ryan! Being a former MOM tech support rep myself, I can appreciate the extra effort you and the programming staff put into this customer’s issue. I am sure the owner appreicated your help in going above and beyond to get them a quick resolution to their problem. In my experience, our support staff is full of hard-working, dedicated individuals who are always willing to go above and beyond to make sure our customers have the best MOM experience possible. Kudos!

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