Important Barcode Update for M.O.M.

Posted By: Christine Amodio, Dydacomp Technical Writer and TrainerChristine Amodio, Dydacomp Technical Writer

If you have an active M.O.M. maintenance contract, Dydacomp is providing an updated barcode font integration. This update will allow you to print barcodes from within M.O.M. that are compatible with Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista Business and Windows 7 Pro systems. Due to the recent M.O.M. v7 exe update,  you must install these barcode fonts on every workstation that uses M.O.M.

Without this update, you will find that barcodes won’t print at all without the new fonts installed.  We have prepared detailed step-by-step instructions which will help you install these fonts on your own.  Please follow the document in the link below.

If you do not have an active support contract, contact Dydacomp Sales at 800-858-3666 or  If you have any difficulty with installing the new fonts, please contact Dydacomp Technical Support at 973-237-0300 or

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