Important Multichannel Order Manager Tip for Your Multichannel Business

Posted by: Bill Houghton, Dydacomp Implementation Team 

The holiday season has kicked into high gear and online measurement firm ComScore reports that holiday season eCommerce spending during the first 34 days of the holiday shopping season is quickly approaching $20 billion. Comscore also reported that this is a 15% increase in eCommerce spending compare to the same time period in 2010.

Dydacomp Support team is on standby to help ensure the success of your business during this busy time.  It’s highly recommended that you backup your M.O.M. systems as often as possible to ensure the integrity of the data during this busy holiday season. Also, make sure you test the backup version to verify that it contains a full working copy of the entire MOMWIN folder. For more information on how to backup your M.O.M. system, visit this blog.

I also wanted to bring up an important feature in M.O.M. that is often unutilized by many M.O.M. users. M.O.M. provides your business the ability to assign and manage Product Attributes in both your SiteLINK eCommerce store and your Multichannel Order Manager System.  If set up properly, product attributes provide a simple way to setup size/color items. Once set up, these features help to improve the quality of your website and facilitate the customer’s ability to order the product that fits their needs. They will also enable you to improve your inventory management efficiency which will contribute to the overall improvement of your order management processes.

Failure to establish product attributes will display product information in normal listing of size color items on a web page or when placing them on an order.  This can be tiresome and tedious if you have a large number of size color items to hunt through as seen below:

Once you set up product attributes, you can create  more innovative and functional design to allow customers/order takers to easily perform a size color search:

Product attributes also allow you to create drop down menus and radio button selection options for your size/color choices to make it easier to select which attributes you want listed on your site.  Product Attributes enable you to keep all size color products at a base price and then modify items to change any unit price.  These features can enable you to cut your product setup time in half.

To set up products attributes, go to the Product drop down menu, and select the Maintain Stock Items option. Once in the Stock Item lookup screen, select the product you wish to add product attributes to. Once in the Stock Item screen, select the Product Attributes Tab and check the box for Enable Product Attributes. Then you can add the size/color attributes to that stock item:

Hope this helps to improve the management of your M.O.M system during this busy time of year. If you have any questions please contact support at 973-237-0300 or online at the support section of the website. 

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