Important USPS Shipping Rate Update

Posted By:  Christine Amodio, Dydacomp Technical Writer and TrainerChristine Amodio, Dydacomp Technical Writer

To ensure that your business has the most accurate shipping rates for M.O.M. and SiteLINK, we have updated the United States Postal Services rates. The new USPS shipping rates went into effect on April 17, 2011 and you can easily update your shipping rates from Dydacomp Online Support if you have an active support contract.  Make sure your M.O.M. system is up-to-date with the most recent program update (the readme file for this program update is Knowledge Base Article# 39572

To install the latest rates:

1. Logon to Online Support

2. Choose Shipping Updates on the left menu.

3. Verify that your version of M.O.M. is selected on the left menu.

4. Click the “Go” button.

5. Click on the link Shipping Rates Instructions and follow the directions in the document.

One thing to keep in mind before updating is we recommend that you process any unbilled orders prior to performing the Shipping Update. The Shipping Update will change any unbilled shipping charges to reflect the latest rates.

We have made some modifications to Multichannel Order Manager to help accommodate USPS shipping rates. These include:

  • Since First Class is now separated with their own rates, the package type will now depend on what the shipping method selected for a box, and what the shipping method is setup to charge.
  • Added the Media Mail Commercial for single piece mailings through USPS.
  • Parcel Post/Parcel select rates have been split into two. Now Parcel Post/Parcel Select methods will default to Retail.
  • The Postage Statements paperwork will print at the shipping stage. We have changed the postage statement to accommodate the new rates that are added to First Class.

Check out this article on M.O.M. User Forum for a complete guide to the USPS changes made in the update. If you have any difficulty with installing these updates, please contact Dydacomp Technical Support via e-mail at or via phone at 973-237-0300.

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