In Search of the Value of Technical Support

posted by John V. Healy, CEO

Clients will often ask me, “John, how do I know if I am getting value out of my Mail Order Manager Technical Support?” My usual answer is that you never truly know until there is a problem and you need to use it. But really, Mail Order Manager Technical Support is so much more than tackling error messages and questions on how to use a certain piece of functionality in M.O.M. or SiteLINK eCommerce. With that said, up until now, it has been tough to sometimes measure the value of these services.

If you think about it, due to the large number of clients that run our solutions, we typically handle around 100 client Support contacts a day. All of which get answered, by a human. Then, subsequent contact is made by phone and email to get the client’s questions answered. That is a lot of back and forth going on and you know what, it really does pay off for the client. Because when we measure revenue performance for those clients that are signed up and use Mail Order Manager Technical Support, on average year to date they perform 23 points better than those clients that don’t take advantage of M.O.M. Support:

Dydacomp Client Growth

So the next time a client asks me what the value of Mail Order Manager Technical Support is I will be able to say with confidence that it pretty much guarantees that your business will head in the right direction if you use all that Mail Order Manager Technical Support has to offer: phone support, access to the online Knowledge Base and webinars on how to get the most out of your investments in Mail Order Manager and SiteLINK eCommerce.

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  1. Mike Chichester says:

    Very nice job, John. Wow, that is a stark difference in growth between our supported and unsupported customers! This really quantifies the value of tech support.

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