Information on Search Engine Submissions / Optimizations:

Information on Search Engine Submissions / Optimizations:

There are many ways to get customers to your SiteLINK eCommerce or own web store. The address of your store is probably on your packing slips and invoices, your letterhead, your brochures, etc. But how do you get new customers to your store? One of the most typical ways to help customers find your eCommerce store is to make sure that the information on your store is submitted to as many search engines as possible. This helps optimize the results displayed by the search engines.

At Dydacomp we’ve helped many SiteLINK clients work increase their rankings and the suggestions below apply to just about every eCommerce site.

Search Engine Submissions

Site submission is the process of suggesting a site to a search engine. (A search engine is a place, on the Net, where one goes to find sites about specific information.) Usually you fill out a form telling the search engine’s spider to visit and index the suggested site. Submitting your site greatly improves the likelihood that it will appear in users’ search results

Different search engines use different formulas or algorithms for indexing and ranking sites. For instance, one considers a multitude of factors in devising its own unique formula. To index and score web sites search engines’ algorithms weigh various factors, such as a page’s design and links, to rank pages in their search results. By constantly refining and improving their algorithms, search engines hope to give their visitors the most relevant results.

To score high with search engines you’ll need to optimize or modify your site’s HTML code and other features the engines consider when composing their rankings.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization, also known as placement and positioning, is the process of improving a web site for higher search engine rankings. It’s the first step in achieving higher rankings.

Understanding ranking factors:

Before you can understand how each search engine score web sites, you need to understand the various factors they consider. These factors can be divided into two categories: page-related and outside.

Page-related factors are concerned with keywords and their placement in the HTML. These factors include

*Format, placement and content of title tag

*Use of the meta description data

*Use of Alt Tags

*Use of comment tags

*Alphabetical placement

A SiteLINK Tech representative can help guide you through some of this setup within the SiteLINK store.

Outside factors are not related to the content of your HTML. They include:

*Link popularity

*Click popularity

*Overall site design

Some Suggestions for this dealing with SiteLINK:

Using the current version of SiteLINK, version 5 (which is designed from the ground up with search engines in mind)

Google Sitemap (which is an easy way for you to submit all your URLs to the Google index and get detailed reports about the visibility of your pages on Google.)

Direct Froogle Feed (which is an option to check and send a listing of your products to Froogle. This function will include your products when a search is done in Froogle.)

Product keywords and Froogle description (adds to the metatags for product detail pages)

Possible Tool to help out with creating Meta Tag data and giving suggestions on improving site for Search Engines:

What’s worked for you? What have you tried or are you thinking about trying? Let the Mail Order Manager Community know. There’s a wealth of information to be shared on this and other subjects.

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