Internet and Mail Order Sales Tax Idea Spreads to Oklahoma

Posted by John Healy, CEO of Dydacomp

John Healy, Dydacomp CEOIn previous posts we’ve addressed the sales tax situation in Colorado, now the sales tax reporting law has now spread to Oklahoma.  Here is an excerpt from an email that the Direct Marketing Association recently sent out on the subject:

“DMA filed comments this week on the draft rules implementing the new use tax notice law in Oklahoma.  The draft rules closely mirror the legislative language in contrast to the expansive and highly prescriptive regulations adopted in Colorado.

The draft regulations can be found here.  Please note that these are not in effect yet.  As we (DMA) understand it, there will be a hearing following the comment period before the regulations are adopted and go into effect.”

We at Dydacomp will keep you posted like we have for the Colorado law as the implementation of the regulation in Oklahoma becomes more clear.  We also suspect that this is a trend that will continue as states try to balance their budgets any way possible.  In an earlier post, we took you through an analysis that the individual states are showing about a $112 billion deficit, or roughly a 17% deficit on average.  That deficit has to be made up as most states have passed balance budget amendments so look for more activity.  The only fortunate part is that Mail Order Manager can help you with the necessary reporting to be compliant.

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