IRCE 2013 Findings Confirm that Order Management Is a Top Priority

Posted by:  Laura Hills, Vice President of Marketing

In follow up to my post on June 19th, M.O.M. Customers Attending Dydacomp User Conference & IRCE Attendees Agree That Order Management Is “In,” we continue to see that order management is a hot and very important topic among retailers.  Mark Brohan’s article A Top Priority, in Internet Retailer, provides additional insight into the growing need that retailers are facing for an efficient, effective system to manage their business.

From the retailers that spoke at this year’s conference to the software vendors that offer order management solutions, the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE) underscored the importance of efficient and accurate order management for retailers as they face increasingly complex, multiple channel order processing and inventory management needs. While order management sits in the back office, there is a shift in understanding and appreciation for its value to front office and online etail operations.  Order management systems go beyond handling order processing.  Today’s best practice solutions integrate with multiple systems, shopping carts and payment gateways, offer PCI compliance and fraud detection and help merchants manage inventory across multiple sales channels and geographic locations where retailers have fulfillment hubs.

Dydacomp CEO Fred Lizza confirmed this focus in interviews conducted with him at IRCE.  Mark Brohan of Internet Retailer quoted Fred, stating, “We had a lot of retailers at IRCE asking what’s new about order management technology.  With retailers at all levels dealing with more sophisticated forms of inventory control and fulfilling orders from multiple locations, various merchants told us that having a better order management system is becoming a higher priority.”

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