Is Your eCommerce Site Mobile Ready?

Posted by: Laura Hills, VP Marketing, Dydacomp

International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that U.S. IT spending will increase by 4.6% in 2013.  According to Stephen Minton, VP-global technology and industry research at IDC, “The U.S. economy overall is relatively stable and the forecast for the U.S. economy going forward over the next 15 months is looking pretty solid.”  IDC also projects global spending for mobile devices to be up 39% this year with smartphone spending expected to increase by 18.5%.  Global PC sales will decline by 7.2% which is a result of increased mobile technology spending and an economic slowdown in China.

What all this means for eCommerce retailers is positive – fewer shoppers will be sitting behind a desk when browsing, collecting data on products or placing an order.  Growing numbers of shoppers will be accessing your website and eCommerce store from an increasing and diverse array of mobile devices.  Many will be multi-tasking; a Nielsen/Yahoo study revealed that 86% of mobile phone users access the Internet on their handset while watching television.[1]  You may be competing for their attention with the Big Bang Theory or trying to engage them during the latest episode of The Voice!

To be sure that your shoppers and site visitors have a positive experience, you need to keep your site and all of its content completely mobile enabled – displaying and functioning without any interruptions or loss of integrity across mobile platforms. And you need to be sure your site and online store are attractive, easy-to-use and contain relevant information to hold the attention of visitors and buyers.  If you haven’t already done so, test your site through multiple mobile devices to make sure it’s mobile ready.  Review your site on a regular basis and keep the content up-to-date and as engaging as possible.

Optimizing your site with new, timely merchandise can increase sales and make a good impression which can lead to repeat customers.


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