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Posted by John Healy, Dydacomp CEO

John Healy, Dydacomp CEOWe are very excited to announce that starting in July, Dydacomp will have its first formal Client Advisory Board (CAB)…. there will be two boards actually, one for clients with a count of 10 licensed seats or more and another with up to 9 seats.

The charge of the CAB is to give us feedback and in some cases endorsement of product and service ideas that would positively affect the relevance and use of our solutions and services with our clients.  Additional criteria is that they need to be actively transacting and on Mail Order Manager Support.

Each group would meet in person in Totowa or you could attend the meeting online as well.  Meetings will be held 2x/year and members will be asked to sit on the CAB for 1-two year term.  Each CAB will be made up of 12 members that should be geographically as well as vertical market balanced.  We’ll also take a look at getting new, medium and long term clients on the CAB.  Each CAB will be made up of clients that are a mix of single and multi channel merchants (some will be on SiteLINK but not all).  The Board meetings will last two hours and a sample agenda is outlined below:

– Client Round Table

  • How’s business?
  • What trends are you seeing in the marketplace?
  • What’s new in your business?
  • What is one feature or product that you think might be helpful if offered by Dydacomp in one of our products
    • Include new product ideas as well

– Dydacomp

  • What we are seeing in the marketplace and our client base
  • New feature and product idea review
    • Client Feedback
  • Support update and enhancements review
    • Client Feedback

– Next steps

  • Dydacomp to review the CAB action steps from this meeting

To be selected to be on one of the two CABs, click here and give us some brief information about you and your business.  We will pick the members for the first round but after that we would like the existing CAB to select their replacements from the same self nominating process outlined above.

Also, we would want the CAB to be as transparent as possible to all clients so we would want to publish your bio and photo on our web site.

Click on this link to get started.  Nomination information will be taken through June 18 at 5 PM EST.

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