Latest USPS ACVM Data Now Available

Posted by: Christine Amodio, Dydacomp Technical Writer and TrainerChristine Amodio, Dydacomp Technical Writer

ACVM allows your business to avoid shipping delays due to inaccurate addresses and ensures your customers receive their orders on time. Dydacomp ACVM users should have received an email this week informing them of the new option to download the latest shipping address update from UPS.

The Dydacomp team has also sent out the ACVM data disk in the mail to ensure that all customers have access to the new shipping address information before the January data expires at the end of this month.

Don’t have ACVM module for your M.O.M. system? The Address Correction and Validation module (ACVM) will compare key-entered, imported shipping and mailing addresses against actual USPS® data. The ACVM service can be used not only on individual addresses but to validate target customer lists created in the List Management Module (LMM). There are a number of necessary expenses needed to run your business, but address correction fees should not be one of them.  Avoid shipping address issues before they arise with the Address Correction Validation Module.

The Address Correction and Validation module (ACVM) relies on verified Address Data directly from the United States Postal Service that is updated each quarter to ensure accuracy. With the click of a button, easily compare key-entered, imported shipping and mailing addresses is against actual USPS® data in real time. This comparison will help ensure that all of the addresses you send packages to are valid and accurate every time.

In today’s competitive eCommerce marketplace, let ACVM help you improve customer satisfaction and reduce address correction fees today. Don’t let your business reputation suffer when ACVM can easily increase the validity of your customer address database.

For more information about Dydacom’s ACVM module, click here. To contact sales to learn more about adding ACVM to your M.O.M. system today at (800) 858-3666 or email us at

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